Tier 1 Investor Visa- What Can You Invest In?

1. Investments which are eligible:

For this visa, it is required that you invest a minimum of £2 million in the UK. There are many ways in which you can invest this amount into. For instance;

  • UK Government Bonds- this is available if you applied your visa before 29th March 2019 on the old rules. If this applies to you then when applying for an extension, the old rules will continue to apply to you until April 2023. If you apply for an extension or ILR after this date, then you will no longer be able to invest in UK Government Bonds.
  • Corporate bonds (shared capital or loan capital) in a company that is not only registered in the UK but also active and trading. Ideally, you should invest in the following areas;
    • Property investment
    • Property management
    • Property development
    • What the UK government means by an ‘active & trading company’ is that the trading company must fulfill the following requirements;
  • be registered with Companies House;
  • be registered with HMRC for corporation tax and PAYE;
  • have its registered office in the UK;
  • have a UK business bank account showing regular trade of its own goods and services; and,
  • have at least two UK based employees who are not directors.
  • You may also invest in pooled investment vehicles which is UK government funded
  • It is also possible to invest in a devolved government department

2. Investments which are not eligible: 

For this visa, it is required that you invest a minimum of £2 million in the UK. There are many ways in which you can invest this amount into. For instanceYou cannot receive a Tier 1 Investor visa if you invest the funds in a company which undertake any non-qualifying activity, or else the Home Office will not accept your application. Non-qualifying activities include;

  • Funds which originate from any offshore companies or trusts
  • Funds being invested into investment companies which are not receiving funding from the UK government (as it cannot be guaranteed that your investment is being used in the UK)
  • Investing in companies who focus on property investment, property management or property development. (However, companies which focus on manufacturers, retailers or construction firms will count as qualifying investments)
  • Funds being used for deposits, whether with a bank or building society (you will be able to use some funds for deposits but not all.
  • Investing in premium bonds, ISAs or savings certificates issued by the National Savings & Investment Agency.
*UK government will not accept applications which include leveraged investment funds since these will not be deemed as your own investment fund.

3. Extending Your Visa:

It is possible to extend your visa but it is important that You apply before your current visa expires.If you are looking to gain ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain) through a quicker way, then you  can do so by investing more than the minimum £2 million.