Global Talent visa – do you have the right experience?

You can only be granted the Global Talent visa – under the Tech Nation route – if you have certain kinds of experience. Your experience will NOT qualify if you have been involved in:

  1. Service Delivery;
  2. Process Delivery;
  3. Outsourcing;
  4. Consultancy (technical or management);
  5. ERP Consultancy;
  6. Systems Admin; and
  7. “all related fields”.

However, I speak with people who do fall into these categories, but who nevertheless have CVs of the right calibre for the start-up visa.

The new process for the Global Talent visa involves applying through the government’s site, so you do need to make a government application first. You can’t make the application to TechNation separately. So you will have some form of adverse immigration record if you are refused for endorsement. So I would recommend assessing your suitability before you make the application. I have a good knowledge now of who is likely to be accepted and who not. But I would say that this exclusion is the main one of which people fall foul if they are refused.

The other important one is age. The exceptional promise sub-category of the Global Talent visa is geared towards those with up to 5 years’ experience. So if you have over 10 years’ experience, it will be odd if you go for this one. That level of experience effectively pushes you into having to apply for the exceptional talent sub-category, but the threshold there is much higher. My recent clients who have succeeded under this sub-category have had really outstanding profiles.

Feel free to speak with me if you are considering your options.