Refused after endorsement? What’s going on with the innovator visa success rates?

In this video, I explain the most common reasons why applicants may have their visa application refused despite having an endorsement letter in support.

The refusal rates for innovator visas increased from 5% through to 44% from Q2 of 2021 through to Q2 of 2022:

This is people who have been endorsed, but who then have not succeeded at the visa application stage.

Why is this?

1. The Home Office takes its own view of the merits of the business plan.

2. Endorsement letters can be poorly drafted.

3. Different version of business plan provided.

4. Just on the basis of a Google search, there are many other identical businesses.

5. The financial evidence has not been prepared adequately.

6. Other failures with the visa documents.

7. Lower calibre applicants

Approval rates have recovered somewhat since, but these issues seem to remain.