Visa curtailed example timeframe it’s not necessarily 60 days!

What happens if your visa is curtailed?

You will normally be given 60 days permission to stay in the UK. BUT, the point I want to make here is that the 60 days only runs from the point that they actually process your notification.

I have seen cases where it takes a year to process the notification. The person was then given an additional 60 days. So really they had 14 months.

So this is an example case, based on fictional dates, purely for illustration purposes:
15th February 2022 – you notified the Home Office
28th February 2023 – Home Office responded with notice, giving you to …
29th April 2023 – Curtailment date

This is the example letter that you would get for the curtailment.

“Dear Mrs Smith,
Ref: 1234567
Your permission to enter the United Kingdom on the X route has been cancelled so that it now ends on Y date. You now have until that date to either leave the UK or make another application to stay here …”

So you may think you have 60 days, but you may in fact have MUCH longer, depending on how long the Home Office takes to process the notification (or delaying the processing of your notification).