Peer review endorsement from the Royal Academy of Engineering (Global Talent visa)

In this video, I speak with a recipient of the peer review endorsement from the Royal Academy of Engineering for the Global talent visa.

The peer review assessment will consider the following criteria.

For exceptional talent (leader):

Whether you are the winner of a prestigious prize or award;

Whether you have secured significant funding for your work in the past ten years;

Whether you are regarded as a leader in your field.

For exceptional promise (potential leader):

Whether you have provided evidence sufficient to demonstrate that you have the potential to be a future leader in the field;

The level of additional funding secured during or following tenure of a relevant fellowship;

Whether you have provided evidence of a relevant prize or award for early career researchers;

The significance of your contribution to your field relative to your career stage.

For both exceptional talent (leader) and exceptional promise (potential leader):

Your track record/career history (including your international standing, the significance of your publications, prizes and research funding awarded, patents, and the impact of past innovation activity, in a company, academia or as an individual);

The strength of the supporting statements in the letter of personal recommendation, and evidence in relation to qualifying criteria, including a written recommendation from a reputable UK organisation concerned with research in your field (if relevant);

The expected benefits of your presence in the UK in terms of the contribution to UK research excellence and to wider society, including potential economic benefits from exploitation of intellectual capital.

Application content and documentation for standard endorsement through peer review

In order for your Stage 1 application to be considered for standard endorsement through full peer review, you must submit the following documents as part of your application to the Home Office:

  1. A completed Stage 1 (endorsement) application form;
  2. A short curriculum vitae outlining your career and publication history (no more than three sides of A4 in length);
  3. A mandatory letter of personal recommendation from an eminent person resident in the UK supporting your application. The person must be familiar with your work and your contribution to your field, and qualified to assess your claim for exceptional talent or exceptional promise. Full details of what the letter should include can be found below;
  4. Evidence in relation to at least one of the qualifying eligibility criteria listed above.
  5. Please note that the endorsement application form asks you to provide details of your qualifications, significant papers/prizes, etc. You should not provide copies of these documents with your application unless these specifically demonstrate that you meet the qualifying criteria.

The letter should include:

  1. how the eminent person knows you;
  2. details of your achievements in your field;
  3. how, in the opinion of the eminent person, you exhibit exceptional talent/exceptional promise;
  4. how you would benefit from living in the UK; and
  5. the contribution you would make to UK research excellence and to wider society.