Example of a ‘scalable’ Innovator Founder idea

In this video, I explain how you would meet the ‘scalable’ requirement for the Innovator Founder Visa.

The Home Office guidance says:

Example: Likely to meet the Scalability Endorsement Threshold

The applicant is launching a company manufacturing new recycling machines. The applicant can point to domestic and international recycling service providers it intends to market into. They have completed market research and can show evidence of the demand for their product. They articulate within their plan a credibly costed and researched approach to how production and sales can be scaled to serve demand.

Example: Unlikely to meet the Scalability endorsement threshold

The applicant wants to set up a company operating a food delivery app, ultimately the food delivery app is to be tied to the applicants own bricks and mortar fast food business, despite the fact that the company is operating an app given the applicant is primarily a fast food shop operator it is highly unlikely that this business will expand beyond the local area or be adopted as a system by other providers, rather this will for all intents and purposes be a local shop with a website.