Graduate visa – WARNING!

In this video, I explain why students miss out on the graduate visa.

Some students are missing the boat for a graduate visa by either leaving the UK after their studies, OR coming back into the UK as a visitor and THEN trying to apply for a Graduate Visa. However,this is likely to prevent you from applying.

The Graduate visa gives you either 2 years (after a one year degree, like a Masters) or 3 years (after a PHD), to stay in the UK and work or be self-employed, for example.

Unfortunately it is not possible to switch from a Visitor visa to a Graduate visa.

Students are only eligible to apply for the Graduate Route from within the UK, AFTER their degree has been awarded. In terms of the degree “being awarded”, this isn’t referring to Graduation, this is referring to the exam board confirming your final award. So, you can ONLY apply for the Graduate Route if you are in the UK on a valid Student visa. It is not possible to apply for the Graduate Route from overseas.

Please bear this in mind if you are a student. You need to plan this out, so there is no gap between your student visa term and you applying for the Graduate visa.