Innovator Founder visa examples of innovation

In this video, I explain how you would meet the ‘innovative’ requirement for the Innovator Founder Visa.

The Home Office guidance says:

Example likely to meet innovative endorsement criteria:

An applicant is part of a founding team spinning out a venture from a University research programme commercialising a new engine efficiency technology. The applicant can clearly articulate what the company’s R&D proposition looks like, can demonstrate a strong case for how their technology is new to the market and presents a clear route to commercialisation.

Example unlikely to meet the Innovation endorsement criterion:

An applicant as a sole founder wants endorsement to set up an “EdTech” company where the innovation proposition is based on an “artificial Intelligence” focused platform that will teach a subject to under 18s. The applicant has no background in AI and has no supporting team member with competence in this field. The applicant can say what the product is that they want to ultimately sell but has no specific grasp of how that would be achieved at a technical level and instead will outsource all the technical development in delivering this innovation to a third-party company to build the product on their behalf.