EU settlement scheme for non-EU family members (EXPLAINED)

Hi in this video I’m going to explain how you can get a EU settlement scheme family permit as a non-European citizen to join a European citizen family member of yours who’s living in the UK so we’re going to go through the diagram so you can explain this to you in full this is part one of these this video series on the subject now this starting point is where we are in relation to Brexit so the UK left the European Union on the 31st of January of 2020 and we’re currently in this transitional period during the course of 2020 but that is going to be coming to an end and the deadlines or the relevant time is the 31st of December 2020 now that the deadline is I’m going to explain for you or your European family member in terms of living in the UK I’ll explain that in a minute but there’s also a relevant deadline in relation to relationships so I’ll explain in a moment and the next deadline we’ve got to be aware of the forefront of our minds it’s got to be the 30th of June 2021 and that’s the deadline for applications that’s a deadline the deadline for applications for present or status or settled status so what does this mean for you personally before we come to your family members now if you’re a European citizen basically the latest that you can come to the UK is going to be ahead of the of the deadline of the 31st of December 2020 so if you’re not in living in UK if you can’t prove your residence in the UK before that date then you will not be entitled to settled status or present the status rather and you will therefore I have to apply under the new immigration rules that will apply thereafter so as a European national the latest that you can show that you’re residing in the UK is by that date so that that is that is a deadline now if you’re already residing in the UK then you only really need to worry about the 30th of June 2021 deadline but for everyone else including those who are thinking European nationals who I think you’ve coming to the UK to settle here then you want to do so before 31st December 2020 but ideally long before then now what documents do you need to show just in terms of yourself first of all living inside any non-European family members they were coming with you well the documents that you need to show are pretty minimal and this is where the immigration regime at the moment is quite generous so you only need to provide one piece of evidence to cover each month or any longer period of time so what that means is you only need in theory a mobile telephone bill as absurd as that may sound and that is the effect of the of the guidance currently so you would just need to start living in the UK by the 31st of December 2020 and be able to prove that through a mobile telephone bill as an absolute minimum now I use that because that’s often the easiest contract for one to secure because you can do that sometimes online but usually in store subjects a corona crisis you would be able to do that but let me give you some examples of the other evidence that you could provide so this is the evidence that covers shorter period of time these documents count as evidence for one month if they have a single date on it can be used for used to cover a longer period of time if they have a start and end date covering a month or longer so this is another easy one bank statements showing payments received or spending in the UK landline or mobile telephone TV or Internet bill showing the UK address domestic bill a letter from your GP again that’s a relatively easy one passport stamp confirming entry at the UK border now for using European national you you’re not going to get a stamp at the UK border so that usually it anyway to that that’s not a reliable one but this is another low hanging fruit if you like use travel ticket confirming you entered the UK from another country so the travel ticket just by itself is deemed to be adequate evidence and then an invoice for work you’ve done in the UK that’s a different point so the most readily available the easiest of these to be able to show as a European national is like is being mobile telephone bill or a passport stamp as I say if applicable or possibly better of all of them is that is he used travel ticket now obviously I would not also it after that we can’t leave our bank statement showing payments received or spending in the UK that’s another easy one now that’s the absolute minimum but I would recommend always having more than more than one of these and ideally set several of them to prove your residents as European citizen if you’re coming to live in the UK up before at the 31st of December so that covers you and if you were to get that evidence and be in the UK before 31st of December then you could then wait until 2025 and at the end of 2025 you would simply apply for settled status so again has the government guidance you’ll usually get southern states if you started living in the UK by 31st of December 2020 and lived in the UK for a continuous five-year basis and continuous residence here means at least six months in a 12-month period but you can have a 12-month break for an important reason and that’s again quite generously construed to include study or overseas work so that covers you so that’s the absolute latest you could you could leave it is December of this year and you’d come into the UK establish your residence secure one of those bits of evidence and then you would secure present would status you can make an application through the app I’ve got a video on this YouTube channel with a walk through with that and then that covers you and you will be on a pathway to settled status in 2025 now how about your family now maybe you don’t you haven’t minded me going through that because you need to cover off yourself before coming on to your family so let me come to your family I just want to deal firstly with and this is going to be the focus of this video on unmarried partners and in my last video I showed this sort of evidence that you would need to demonstrate a relationship with an unmarried partner if you haven’t been living together and let’s just zoom in on this so you can apply for the EU settlement scheme family permit if you’re the close family member of an EEO Swiss national and they have settled or present the status under the EU settlement scheme that’s why I started with this processing settled status point but you must be a close family member such as a spouse civil partner dependent child or dependent parent and again I’m going to be making focus videos on those categories but for the e a family permit you can apply for extended family members as well and I’m just so the bottom line is at the moment you can’t apply under the EU settlement scheme for a unmarried partner and what this means is you will need to now apply for an EI family permit for your unmarried partner from out outside of Europe however the if you miss that then you can apply under the EU settlement scheme after the 31st of December no it just explained what I mean with reference to the legislation so the legislation here is the appendix EU family permit to the immigration rules and it sets out the basis on which in non e a citizen can apply for an EU settlement scheme family permit and what it provides is this it’s granted for six months and you’ve got to meet the eligibility requirement and they are that you’re a non EI citizen and that the applicant is a family member of a relevant EI citizen the relevant EI citizen is in the UK or will be travelling to the UK within six months and it doesn’t include anyone who holds a EI family permit already and if the family member of relevant EU citizen is to find his follows either a spouse where you were married before December of this year a durable partner but in the definition of durable partner it says that your partnership was formed and was durable before the specified date and the pond ship remains durable the date of the application and the date of the application is after the specified date and he goes on to say it goes on to reference the child or dependent parent and the childhood depend a parent of a spouse or civil partner so essentially the position for a non-European unmarried partner of a European national living in the UK is that there’s two options the EI family permit or the EU settlement scheme now in the next video I’ll be covering other types of family members including children I hope that’s helpful in the meantime stay safe and I will see you in the next life gym