How to get a letter of support for the Canada start up visa

You must get a letter of support from a designated organization (a business group that has been approved to invest in or support possible start-ups).

You’ll need to:

-contact the designated organization to find out how to get its support
-convince the organization that you have a business idea that is worth supporting
-get a letter of support from the designated organization

The process to pitch your idea is different for each organization. Each organization has its own requirements. For example, you may be asked to present your business concept in person or submit a detailed business plan.

If you reach an agreement with a designated organization, it will send you a letter of support. You need to include this letter when you submit your application to us. This is the proof you need to show that the venture capital fund, angel investor group, or business incubator is supporting your business idea.

The organization will also send a commitment certificate directly to us. We’ll use both your letter of support and the organization’s commitment certificate to assess your application. Please note, we may ask you for more business information in order to take a final decision on your application.

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Hi everyone to get the Canadian start-up vs. you do first need a letter of support and you’ve got to get this from one of the designating organizations so I have prepared a course which is I think one of the most in-depth courses that I’ve done regarding how to go through this process and get the letter of support and this you can find on the on the link below now it includes the experience of four and we’re adding to this uh successful start-up visa applicants I’ve put uh snippets of the interviews I’ve done on this channel so you may have seen some of these guys before and the courses of course is incredibly comprehensive it goes through you know the example uh documents that you’ll need the preparation of the business plan um again lots of examples how to how to get your business endorsed how to prepare the supporting documents submitting the visa coming to coming to Canada and securing your long-term objectives and choosing the right designating organization now that’s really important designating organizations and choosing the right one is crucial and the reason for that is that a mini industry seems to have developed with intermediaries assisting people to get letters of support and to be completely frank with you the best way to get the letter of support is just to go directly to the designating organizations now before you do that I would encourage you to take my course and to see what’s required which designating organizations to go for and to target depending on your skill sets and to have a look at the example documents you need but I would not I’d be very slow to go to one of the into one of these uh organizations maybe there are some good ones but certainly the ones that I have come across are questionable and I think the designating organizations that are working with them um may not necessarily survive in the long term or be around next year for example and the idea is basically you’ll charge very significant sums of money and you are effectively given the business idea or you invest into a business or you invest money and then you get money from an ancient investor in return stay away from that um I would stay well clear of that the process of securing a letter of support should be and as the Canadian government envisaged intended to capture people who have their own business idea and who have the merit sufficient merit to be able to attract uh a an endorsement from a designating organization now uh that that means that you have to go through certain steps but generally the people who have been endorsed as I say if you just look at the four examples that I’ve done the interviews on this channel and um and these guys who are featured on the course they’ve all done it on the on the off the back of their own uh business ideas and they’ve done it on their own merit through the you know proper mechanisms and I can tell you now that it’s hard uh it’s not for everyone there are other visa routes available within uh Canada for example um you can apply under one of the owner operator routes or you know internationally there are other routes that do not uh impose such a high standard but the Canadian start-up visa itself is hard and unlike most of the other international start-up programs for which I have courses and again you can check those out at the links below it does require you generally to have either some very strong form of market validation within Canada or to actually have uh you know revenue and be up and running now as I say those maybe you’ve heard of people who’ve got letters of support and they haven’t had that and they’re going to be developing their idea within Canada I’d be very cautious if I were you about those so do pick the right uh the right body the right designating organization for your letter of support and make sure that it’s matched with your skill set and as I say I’ve covered that in great detail from within the course uh in terms of other broader international routes um you’ll know perhaps from having seen this channel but also from my other courses that there are other visa routes that do not require you or there’s no expectation you’re necessarily in tech or have a scalable innovative business model there are other visa routes internationally which allow you to be a freelancer or to have a business which is maybe more of a traditional one which maybe isn’t a digital business or isn’t a tech business but if you if you are in the tech domain or the scalable business domain if you like then um by all means go for Canada but be careful as I say of the intermediaries I think it’s often best most of the time to simply go direct to the endorsing bodies if you get your letter of support great uh if you if you don’t then it may be that another route is better for you if you do go to them then do it on an informed basis check out the um check out my course below on the subject first but as I say there may be other options for you internationally I hope that’s helpful have a great weekend um please bear in mind that this video is for general information purposes you should take legal advice if you want to speak with the Canadian attorney that I work with and that’s had to input into the course then feel free to do so she is a authorized Canadian attorney and feel free to touch base with me you can reach out to me by email.

Take my Canada start-up visa course