WORK VISA EXAMPLES (How to get 70 points) under the new Immigration Rules

The new points-based system from 2021 will require you to get 70 points under the Immigration Rules. Here are the points you can get:

1. Offer of job by approved sponsor: 20 points
2. Job at appropriate skill level: 20 points
3. Speaks English at required level: 10 points
4. Salary of £20,480 (minimum) – £23,039: 0 points
5. Salary of £23,040 – £25,599: 10 points
6. Salary of £25,600 or above: 20 points
7. Job in a shortage occupation (as designated by the MAC): 20 points
8. Education qualification: PhD in subject relevant to the job: 10 points
9. Education qualification: PhD in a STEM subject relevant to the job: 20 points

The examples are as follows:

1. A university researcher in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subject wishing to come to the UK on a salary of £22,000, (which is below the general minimum salary threshold), may still be able to enter the UK if they have a relevant PhD in a STEM subject.

2. A nurse wishing to come to the UK on a salary of £22,000 would still be able to enter the UK on the basis that the individual would be working in a shortage occupation.

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Hi thanks for joining in this video we’re going to have a look at the new points based system and how you can get the 70 points required under the new immigration system which is going to be commencing from 2021 and this will govern the ways in which you can come into the UK under a tier 2 visa so let’s start with the point now this is a different system from the current one but the principles are familiar so you need to have 20 job so 20 points for and offer of a job from an approved sponsor and the so called resident labour market test by which certain roles have to be advertised will be taken away so that will be much faster I you have to have a job at the appropriate skill level and you need to speak English at the required level now the skill level is going to be reduced in fact quite significantly and the UPS taught to me the English language requirement now if you do that you’ll score 20 plus 20 plus 10 that will be 50 points and then you still need to make up the remaining 20 and you can do that in a number of ways and here’s this is where we come to the so-called tradable characteristics so the ways in which you’ve secured the additional 20 points you need are either having a salary at twenty five thousand six hundred or more that will secure twenty points us when I’ve highlighted in red here or your job will be in the shortage occupation at least which will also score 20 points and another way to do it is if the job requires a PhD in a stem subject relevant to the job that would get you 20 points so I’ll deal with that an example in a minute but you can see there’s a number of different ways in which you can achieve this also if you had a salary that was less than twenty five thousand six hundred for more than twenty three and 40 pounds then you could score 10 points for that and then further 10 points if it required a PhD you know in a relevant subject so overall the requirement is going to be easier than the current requirements and the shortage occupation list will be set out in migration advisory councils publications rather than in appendix which will I think they’ll make it more straightforward but let me just give you an example here using this infographic so this is the example of a University researcher who is applying under tier 2 he or she would have 20 points for the job offer 20 points for that that job being as an appropriate skill level and then 10 points for English language so that would get them 250 points they would have no point because of the salary because the salary was only 22,000 but they would have 20 points because a PhD was required in say in some science or technology subject for example and that would give them that total 20 points so you have to bear in mind that the minimum salary though is twenty thousand four hundred and eighty per annum that’s the absolute minimum for it to be an eligible role and this has just gone through the House of Commons in a bill which will enable the immigration rules to be issued under it as a statutory or delegated legislation and this originated in the government’s policy paper in in February I’m just going to give you another example we’ve spoken about the researcher but a nurse for example so nurse wishing to come to the UK on a salary of 22,000 would still be able to enter the UK on the basis that they would be working in a shortage occupation our providing it can’t it continues to have that status so even if the cerebrate was below it would still be but still be possible to apply and you can see the three bands of salary that they consider here let me just zoom in on these so as the salary up to twenty three thousand does not get you any points but above twenty three thousand forty gets you ten points and in twenty five thousand six hundred or more per annum gets you 20 points and that along with the other points would get you 270 points so I’ll give some other examples in future videos as they come out by hopeful that is helpful in the meantime thank you very much for joining and I look forward to you seeing in the next video feel free to subscribe if you’d like more videos like this bye for now

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