Ireland visa requirements APPLY IN 5 STEPS (in 2020)

1.Ireland Visa Requirements

Ireland Visa Requirements is the subject of this video. I’m going to explain in five steps how to go through the process. To start with I’m Tom Bradford I’m a lawyer and I’d be very happy to assist you. I work with an Irish lawyer and various stakeholders and islands to facilitate this service.

You can contact me by email at WhatsApp or by telephone, this series we’re focusing on Islands along with other jurisdictions. In Ireland, my clients are interested in it particularly for the education of their children at schools and universities. I’m going to do in this video is to show you in these diagrams exactly how to apply.

2.Pathway To Citizenship

We’re going to focus on here is the critical skills permit list and it’s surprisingly widely drafted broader than the UK. A critical skills list equivalent, the U.S. one many occupations qualify.

I’m going to quickly touch on teaching information technology health, there are various lists there’s an additional list of exclusions. I’m going to go over in separate life webinar. The main qualifying categories is quite surprising what qualifies.

First one here I’ve got is sales marketing and related associate professionals within this business Sales executive specializing in international sales roles. International marketing required domain knowledge in product strategy covers a good number of people let’s just go to the IT. There we are information communications technology, so within this covers among other people web designers.

Web design and development professionals are on the list. I don’t know of any other jurisdiction in which the critical skills list includes information technology professionals particularly web design professionals. There are certain Tetro that normally qualify but not this so that’s interesting. There are also health professionals that qualify.

Social services managers and directors

So we see here medical practitioners industrial pharmacists radiographers and various other roles. Also health and social services managers and directors that’s a bit more narrow. We also have nursing and midwifery professionals and this is one of the areas.

I think this just explains that Ireland has a high percentage of employment and conversely a low percentage of unemployment. There’s a huge demand for roles within Ireland. And particularly these specialized roles explains why the critical skills list is so broadly drafted.

So let’s have a look at the other areas. Therapy professionals, health associate, our professions teaching, and educational professionals. There is a restriction here. Academics hold a qualification equivalent to level 10 of the national framework of qualifications that cover a good number of teachers.

Also, business research, and administrative professionals and this includes accountants. I’m actually assisting a couple of accountants under this program and advising them because they are captured by the critical skill system. Accountants here so as a profession doesn’t normally appear.


Now I won’t go through everything. Let’s just quickly touch on the rest of them. We’ve got quality and regulatory professionals media professionals, artistic literary and media occupations. This is restricted to animation and design artists.

Then we’ve got design occupations specified design occupations and then sales marketing and related associate professionals and within. That’s business Sales Executives specializing in international sales roles and international marketing experts with required domain knowledge. I think to require some scrutiny that needs to be looked in detail as part of the eligibility stage.

One of the things you need to bear in mind when looking at eligibility is your overall objectives. And of course, that’s always my starting point you need to work out. These routes are going to facilitate your residence planning objectives but also your commercial objectives.

The critical skills list and work permits

Although I’m looking at the critical skills list here and work permits. I’m going to be focusing on here is that in the UK and in Ireland. There’s this big difference. In the UK, if you own shares in the company then you can’t be sponsored by the company unless you’re a high earner. So you’re earning the equivalent of a hundred and sixty thousand or more. You can’t own you know a hundred percent of the company.

For example, that’s then sponsoring you but there’s no such restriction strictly speaking in Ireland. So if you have an overseas company and you’re looking to establish a subsidiary in Ireland that’s very much you know encouraged. Then this is a pathway that you can establish the company incorporate set up the bank account. Then that company will sponsor you now.

Another category of people are simply looking for sponsored employment and they’re not looking. You know they’re not an entrepreneur or an international business. Most of my clients are either entrepreneurs or international businesses that are expanding. So those are in the related fees roots of particular interest to me.

But there is a service that one of my clients is offering. Which should be available in the next couple of weeks is designed to match-make you effectively with a role. If you’re simply looking for a sponsored role in Ireland drop a comment just below. Then I can respond when that’s life. And give you the link and just let me know in the comments below.

4.Various Steps

So let’s have a look at the various steps involved. Now the first of these is to incorporate the company. I’m focusing on a particular way of achieving the visa objectives. The first step is incorporating the new code.

The second step let’s just zoom in on this part of the diagram is appointing an EA resident director. One of the restrictions and the company can’t simply be incorporated. That’s not enough their needs to be an EE a Resident Director involved. You may have an EA Resident Director in place or that can be facilitated.

The company can employ one. Then there is a critical skill employment application. Subject to satisfying that eligibility criteria you fall within one of those roles. Then there’s two to three months application processing time before the grant of the application.

Long stay category employment visa

That’s this green dotted line and then you can apply for a long stay category employment visa. Once that’s granted you received the visa and come to Ireland. Those are the five steps essentially for satisfying the visa requirements.

It’s not the only way and in other videos, in this series, I’m going to talk about other ways of doing. So you then have a pathway to Irish citizenship This is where we come to that pathway.  I’ve done a separate diagram here that just zooms in on the relevant part.

When you enter Ireland you’ve got to register with Ennis. That’s the Irish immigration authorities within 90 days. Then there’s a series of renewals over under the five years period. You’ve got to renew your stamp one visa twice.

Secure a stamp for a visa

Then on the third occasion, you secure a stamp for a visa. That remains in place until the end of the five year period. And then subject to you managing your absences correctly. You can qualify to naturalize under this particular visa route as an Irish citizen. Let’s look at how you do that essentially once you’ve secured the visa.

It’s just a question of managing your absences. So in year one, it’s just zoomed in a bit more here in year one you have three months maximum permitted. this is if your naturalizing as an Irish citizen, same applies in year two and you get three four. And then in year five, the permitted absence is six weeks. This is a fairly broad brush explanation there is a test applied which is one of reckon Abul residents.

And you basically the way in which they’re supplied is that different periods can be taken. And assessed for the purposes of determining whether or not you qualify to naturalize as an Irish citizen. But if it’s a five year period then it’s compressed. And you need to be in Ireland from for most of the time in order to qualify as an Irish citizen.

5.If You Are Assessing a Longer Period

Now having said that if you are assessing a longer period. Then the residency requirements would be less in any applicable period within that
overall time frame. This is very much something to take advice on but that broadly speaking is the pathway so let’s zoom out.

I’ve got here just a picture of the relevant visa. And also of the Irish passport which is achievable under this route. I will do now is just quickly take you through the various steps.

After you’ve prepared the visa application you’ve gone through the eligibility assessment if there’s no EEA direct. I’m using interchangeably for the purposes of this presentation then you will need to engage one then.

Securing an employment permit

There’s incorporating the company and securing an employment permit then setting up the company. And by the bank account now although I’m company incorporation it’s relatively straightforward in Ireland. If you are a foreign resident then the banking aspect of it can be a bit more complicated.

And Bauman’s get in touch because among my network I can facilitate them some help with that. But if you are a foreign resident then banking can be an issue. That’s quite rightly strict due diligence requirements imposed so let me know if you want assistance with that.

Now as for entering Islands with your family it is possible to secure a work visa as well for your spouse. If that’s applicable it may not be you need to apply separately so it’s not the case that like in the UK. For example, if your spouse has a dependent visa on your visa at surface and entrepreneur investor visa.

Residence planning from year one good

Then they can automatically work that’s not the case you’ve got to apply separately if your spouse to be able to at work in Ireland. So you can apply there is that option. And then after that is simply a question of residence planning from year one good. I think that covers the main points I wanted to deal with in this in this video.

I am going to be producing more videos on this option by all means. Feel free to contact me. I will be very happy to speak with. You can contact me on the details below by email or by messaging me on whatsapp to book a call. Thanks very much for watching this video and see you soon.

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