How to apply successfully for an Innovator Visa


The objective of this course is to take you through every aspect of how to apply successfully for an innovator visa for the visa in 2019.

1. Permanent residence using Visa routes

These settlement routes allow you to apply for ILR after 5 years in the UK, including:

  • You need to have £50,000 available to invest, but this can be made available from your existing business, for example, or even from family or friends.
  • It is designed to be for experienced entrepreneurs who can access international markets with their product or service.
  • Your business needs to be innovative, viable and scalable. So in broad terms this is designed for tech or digital businesses. But I have found that, even if you do not have a tech or digital business, it is still possible to apply if you can identify an innovative aspect of your existing business, like a new app project, or novel design interface. I will give many more examples, in detail, in this course.
  • You can join an existing business, or start a new one. You can’t join an business that’s already trading, though, so if you are co-founding a business with another entrepreneur, it needs to be at the idea stage, or post-incorporate, but pre-trading.
  • You need to be endorsed by an endorsing body. For an innovator visa this means that it will need to be one of the listed endorsing bodies. I have secured an endorsement recently from MedCity, for example, and in this course I will be dealing with the process in detail.

I will have contributions to this course from my clients who have successfully applied under this visa route, so you can see concrete examples of their endorsements, their visas, and will be able to follow their journeys through to settlement in the UK.

2. Indefinite leave to remain

Indefinite leave to remain

In order to get to permanent residence (in the UK called indefinite leave to remain), you need to meet 2 of 7 success criteria. The two which are usually of most relevance, or the easiest targets, are:

  • Investing your £50,000 in your business. This means actively spending it, e.g. on marketing;
  • Protecting your intellectual property. This would include registering a design, or applying for a patent. Registering a design would likely be more straight forward, e.g. in respect of the design.

You can bring your family members with you. Again, I will be dealing with that in detail in this course.

The structure of this course is:

Introduction: What is the innovator visa for the UK?

  • 1. Getting the endorsement
    • How much investment is required for UK immigration?
    • Which are the easiest endorsing bodies for the innovator visa?
    • 51 business ideas for the UK innovator visa
    • An example business plan with illustrated guide
    • Example slide deck
  • 2. What are the immigration rules for the innovator visa? (what you need to know from Appendix W)

These are all the matters you need to take care of before you secure your endorsement letter.

    • Check your maintenance funds for the innovator visa!
    • The innovator visa ILTS requirement
    • Do you need the TB test
    • How long does it take to get TB test results for UK visa?
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