Easiest second passports in Europe (entrepreneur visa processing times)

Hi in this video I’m going to talk about the easiest options for getting onto a visa pathway to a second Passport in Europe if you’re an entrepreneur now on this channel I’ve talked about the various investor visa options but in this series I’m focusing on the start-up visa and the processing times in this particular video the processing times that are involved and we going to look at the average processing times and the maximum processing times so let’s start with the UK I’m beginning with the UK or because although the UK has exited the European Union is still very much part of the European family and the processing time for the start-up visa is three weeks I’ve been yes through yesterday the criteria so it’s out of innovation viability and scalability in the UK of course you begin with the start-up visa for two years and then switch on to the innovative visa and that’s an accelerated pathway to permanent residence that the government is set up to incentivize are genuine entrepreneurs to come to the UK and they update on that actually I’m going to into in tomorrow’s livestream I’m going to give you an update on the legislative changes around that so that’s number one to three weeks is the processing time for that and the next is Portugal and in Portugal the maximum processing time for the start-up visa is 30 days again I spoke in yesterday’s livestream about the criteria very similar to the UK so innovation growth potential scalability and you’ve also got to show a value add to Portugal at the third option for a start-up visa in Europe that would put you on a pathway to a second Passport is in France and the maximum processing time for the initial visa is three to four months in the case of France you’ve got to obtain a certificate from the Ministry of Economy and acknowledging its innovative nature and you do that through securing the support of an incubator who would support you in that assessment the next option is Latvia and the maximum processing time there is one month so again it’s very fast for the start-up visa the applicant must comply with the definition of a start-up company might dealt with this in a bit more detail yesterday and you’ve got to have us get a scalable business model the next processing time is that for the Latvia start-up visa and that’s an average processing time of one month and the maximum is two months and in that case you need a credible business plan and the criteria are quite similar to the others that I’ve reviewed here the next is about of island and island is of particular interest to me I do have clients who are going through various visa routes in Ireland and the start-up visa is one of them the only reservation I have about the start-up visa routes is that the decision delivered by the committee that assesses them can be a little inconsistent and it’s harder than in other jurisdictions to determine what they’re looking for but typically you know FinTech EdTech MedTech companies will succeed now the processing time is a shorter one but in Islands there’s actually an initial visa that you can secure to come to work with the incubator before applying for the main start-up visa so the next jurisdiction is Finland which we reviewed again in yesterday’s live stream and the there’s no maximum time limit that the average processing time for the start-up visa there is at one month and the criteria are similar you’ve got to have an innovative scalable business model with market growth potential and you’ve got to have the potential to scale internationally the next option is Estonia and there you’ve got to have a Minimum Viable Product and the processing time there is a maximum of 30 days and 2 months for the residence permit but on average it takes less than that the next best jurisdiction for the start-up visa is the Netherlands where you’re looking at a processing time between seven weeks and 90 days and you’ve got to have a service or product that’s innovative and that means you’ve got to hit one of these criteria here so either it’s new to the Netherlands or new technology has been used in its production or distribution or marketing or you have an innovative organizational structural working method the next best start-up visa is for Italy and here you’re looking at various time frames so one month for receiving your initial certificate and then within three months of the dative issue for receiving the one-year visa and then after collection of the visa you have 180 days to move to Italy and then apply for a one-year self-employment residence permit I’m on all of these routes I’ll also be doing a separate livestream about the timeframe to settlement and also the timeframes for citizenship and in different countries there different requirements for speaking the local language so I’m going to deal with our separately now for Cyprus the processing time is very fast about some 10 calendar days on average and in the case of Cyprus you do need to already have an up and running a business and that’s what their way of validating your idea for Spain you’ve got to demonstrate innovative activity and added value for the Spanish economy job creation is not mandatory but it is considered and when looking at your application in your business plan and the average processing time is around 18 days and the maximum being 20 days so again it’s quite fast and then last but not least is Lithuania and the average processing time is a month 30 days and this is one of them the most challenging start-up visa routes in Europe and they’re really looking for biotechnology nanotechnology information technology businesses in addition to definitive in tech and the other areas that I’ve mentioned and so most of my clients I’ve secured start-up visas within certainly within a month of submitting their applications I would say that when comparing the jurisdictions if you’re if you are looking for a permanent residency in a pathway to citizenship and a second passport then you will need to check whether the law in your country of origin permits dual citizenship and also check the language requirements never I plan for implementing that many of my clients go for either the UK or the Irish roots and the I thought I’d say one of the advantages to Island notwithstanding what I said is that there are also alternative visa pathways that don’t require your idea to be approved by a committee you can come in for example a critical skills permit and you’d have access then both to the UK under the common travel area once you secure citizenship and also to the European Union under the Treaty arrangements so island for many will be a win-win but I would say that the UK in terms of processing times is probably among the fastest along with Portugal so I hope that’s helpful in tomorrow’s live stream I’ll be looking at some of the most recent legislative update so do keep an eye on the channel for that if you do want to contact me for advice or assistance I’m very happy to help I have a free consultation service so you can contact me using the contact details below you can also subscribe and click the notification bell if you want more videos on this content I’m doing daily live streams on this and similar topics thanks so much for checking in and I will see you in the next live stream bye for now

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